This is my Base for my upcoming WWD Custom Toyline Anatotitan:

My Ornitholestes Base(based on my version of WWD scene, minus in ground hole like in series):

Custom Base of Diplodicus laying eggs(Diplodicus coming soon):

Here's my WWD T-rex Base:

Here's my Iguanodon and Ornithocheirus bases(separate, the Pterosaur was a little like Oriental Trading one,with molded wings,so I cut the wings off and glue some Airplane Paper to its wings, painted blood vessels, and then put about 5 coats of Liquid Latex Rubber, to make it feel and look more realistic, I got the idea from  How to Model Dinosaurs.)

Iguanodon(the left pciture is a base and is just a cardboard box,with moss glued to it, the second pic is just on the floor of my Diorama room):

Microraptor Gui Base:
Mountain made from Paper meche. If you do it correctly, it can last 25 yrs. Once paper meche is dried, I covered it with wood glue, and added rocks and grit. Tree's and dead roots were used for vines.