Here is my custom WWD line(2 of which made it in October/Novembers Prehistoric Times they have stars next to there name):



Placerias*(second pic has more detailed tusks):

Custom Ornitholestes:

Custom Baby Torosaurs(sculpted head/frill):

Custom Baby Ceolophysis:

Custom Dromeosaur:

Custom European Iguanodons(the middle is the Toyway one, its the lightest one, as in color):

Almost Fully sculpted Iguanodon: The only thing wrong is its tail "blumped" when I baked it.:

Juvenile Leaellynasaura:

Leaellynasaura Juvenile:


Dwarf Allosaurs with Dead Muttaburosaurs carcass:

WWD  Fossil bed in the making base- The board for the base was just an old puzzle board(that had lost pieces..). So I first wrap a sheet of tin foil around the base, The used the tin foil to build around the Stegosaur and Allosaur to make it have a "muddy" appearance. Then used Plaster of Paris and some  modeling filler to mold the mud, and lastly I painted the stego/allo and then the mud and added some old bones... :

Leaellynasaura Waterfall Scene base: I just used an old chalk board for the bottom, glue the rocks- for the waterfall- to a piece of cardboard from a Pizza Hut box, and added the moss-tree's -etc. Then I used "Water Effects(you can click here to go to the website)" and let that dry. It dries completely clear , so I watered down a White paint and brushed it on and washed off a couple times. Then lastly, I wanted to make it look liked the forest went on , so I got out on old Missouri Department of Conservation Tree books, cut the front picture off and glued it. The orange theings are mushrooms I sculpted myself... And it turned out good.:

Fully Sculpted(with Sculpy Clay) Koolasuchus:
I used part of the instructiosn for the basic body shape in the Magazine Prehistoric Times #56 and then sculpte dthe rest by looking at the WWD book. The color scheme is a little different, but it looks enough like the WWD one to satisfy me. I also did the color pattern a little different because in they all did not look the same. Horses and Cows do not have the same color patterns on every animal, neither do birds or Salamanders(Koolasuchus closest living relative). The Very first picture is just to show the basic color pattern.


If you want to check out how good I did on these WWD ones,go to WWD Official Site