My first all fully sculpted dinosaur. For a first, it looks pretty good. After I got donw with it, I noticed some things that need more detailing., BUT thats why its called experience, you get better at it. I made the snake, protoceratops, base, nest and eggs. Baby Proto is out of an easter eggshaped candy.:

Here is the Ancient Mammal I sculpte: All done by hand, its head is not the ebst but I have never done a mouse like head before.

Archeopteryx: This is my first feathered dinosaur sculpture, and also my second.  I made this dinosaur with feathers missing from the tail, because I think this dinosaur would have had a pretty tough life, as all dinosaurs. Made from Supersculpy. Showing a Paper CLip and the Dino Defend case for size:

Microraptor Gui: A newly discovered feathered dinosaur from China. This figure is not fully accurate, I made its  head  bigger, because when I was sculptng the legs and arms looked to big compared with the head. Not fully accurate, but a good piece from a new sculptor(NOTE: the base is  in the bases section, and male figure has red on him):