Here is my Velociraptor model by Revell.Paint scheme from JP3:


My custom Dino Damage Pieces This is a S2 Carnotaurus.It is made with real feel skin.

Shot of me bending it:

My Custom Brachiosaurus' custom painted for the JP3 Movie and JP3 Toy colors(first sucks):
Alpha Male:

Juveniul Brachiosaurs:

Custom Painted Female Pack Raptor:
I used a JP3 Hatchling Velociraptor(that came with the WAVE 1 Alan Grant), and painted it like the JP3 Re-ak-Attack Pack Raptor. The only difference is that she is a lighter grey, because one of my theories is that the colors of females were lighter than mals or different colors. And hatchlings had different colors and when they matured they became more adult like.